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For a professional and aesthetically pleasing breast lift, London based breast surgeon and cosmetic specialist Dan Marsh offers consultations and procedures across a choice of locations including the world renowned Harley Street.

One of the most popular requests from women requesting breast surgery is to lift the nipples to a more natural and attractive position, with the majority of requests coming from mothers following birth and breastfeeding.

Breast uplift surgery can be performed through a range of techniques a, so detailed discussion between yourself and your surgeon is essential to ensure you understand the many factors that will influence the final result.

During your consultation, Dan will take the time to listen carefully to exactly what you’re looking for from your breast lift and will perform a full examination, taking into account your present breast shape, breast volume and skin quality.

If you’d like to book a breast lift consultation with Mr Marsh at any of his London clinics please call 0203 733 2069.

Breast uplift surgery – options available

Prior to your meeting with Mr Marsh, it would be beneficial to learn a little about the types of breast lift surgeries available as detailed below...

Peri-areolar mastopexy

Also known as 'doughnut lift', this technique is suitable for women who already have a good amount of breast tissue, have good skin quality and only require the nipple to be lifted a small distance to achieve a pleasing breast shape. The scar is placed all the way around the nipple and the surrounding skin tightened around the edge, and results are seen immediately.

The cresenteric mastopexy is a variant of this technique, where a 'crescent' of skin is excised above the nipple to lift it, leaving a scar around the top half of the nipple only.

Vertical scar mastopexy

If the nipple needs to be lifted more than can be achieved with a peri-areolar mastopexy, Mr Marsh may discuss vertical scar mastopexy with you.

Choosing a vertical scar (or 'lollipop' scar) technique allows the entire breast to be shaped and lifted as well as the nipple, producing an aesthetically pleasing result. The scar will be around the nipple and vertically downwards towards the crease under the breast. During surgery, Mr Marsh will mould the breast under the skin, lift the nipple and close the skin around the new breast shape.

Inverted T mastopexy

Lifting and reshaping the breast using an inverted T or Wise pattern technique is generally the best type of breast uplift for patients:

  • With excess skin
  • Where the breast has dropped a long way
  • Where the breast has lost a lot of volume

Here the scar is placed around the nipple, vertically downwards and horizontally in the crease under the breast. Mastopexy using this technique allows for large corrections from a severely droopy (ptotic) breast, to one with a more youthful and visually attractive appearance. 

Augmentation mastopexy

For women who’ve lost a significant volume of their breast from breast feeding, or for those who’d like an increase in the size of their breast as well as an uplift, it’s possible to combine breast augmentation with a lift.

The success of augmentation mastopexy procedures requires meticulous planning between patient and surgeon, both in terms of choosing the correct implant and the correct skin incisions. Mr Marsh has carried out many mastopexy augmentation procedures and will talk you through the procedure in detail during the consultation.

Please take a look at the BAAPS patient information here.

Mr Marsh's breast lift (augmentation mastopexy ) pre and post op photos

Book your breast lift consultation

If you feel that breast uplift surgery is the right procedure for you and you’d like to arrange a consultation, please call 0203 733 2069 to make an appointment with Mr Marsh to discuss your breast lift – London locations include Harley Street, Enfield, Harrow and the Royal Free Hospital.