As a highly respected breast specialist, London based surgeon Dan Marsh offers effective breast reduction surgery for men and women looking to improve their quality of life.

Breast reduction has one of the highest satisfaction rates of all cosmetic surgery operations. Many women with very large breasts feel self-conscious and find that they’re unable to exercise or wear the clothes they like – and many also suffer with severe back or shoulder pain. Therefore, the benefits of this type of surgery are frequently both aesthetic and functional.

Breast reduction surgery consists of:
• The removal of excess breast tissue
• Lifting of the nipples
• reshaping of the breasts for a more pleasing aesthetic

There are many ways to reduce and reshape breasts. During your consultation with Mr Marsh he’ll talk you through the most appropriate surgery for your individual shape, taking into consideration your current breast size, your desired size, your frame and your skin quality.

Please call 0203 733 2069 to arrange a consultation with Dan, and also read the information below to give you an idea of the breast reduction procedures available.

Vertical scar breast reduction

Also known as 'lollipop' scar, this technique allows the breast to be lifted and reduce, placing scars around the nipple and vertically downwards under the nipple.

Typically this method of breast reduction is used when only a small amount of breast tissue needs to be removed. If larger amounts of breast tissue are removed using this technique, then the ultimate breast shape may take some time to settle or sometimes a short horizontal scar may need to be added in the crease under the breast.

Mr Marsh has a lot of experience in carrying out vertical scar breast reduction which minimises the final amount of scarring – but patients must be prepared to wait 3-6 months following surgery for the final breast shape to settle.

Inverted T breast reduction

This method of breast reduction is suitable for women requiring removal of larger amounts of breast tissue. The breasts are reduced and lifted placing scars around the nipple, vertically downwards and along the crease under the breast.
The breasts can be shaped immediately using this method, without needing time for the shape to settle as with the vertical scar breast reduction mentioned above.

Mr Marsh may suggest a vertical scar technique initially, and then add a short horizontal scar at the end of the procedure to improve the breast shape. This approach has the advantage of requiring a shorter horizontal scar than with the traditional inverted T or Wise pattern breast reduction technique.

Please visit BAAPS for further patient information.

Your dedicated breast specialist, London

Working from five locations across London, breast specialist and cosmetic surgeon Dan is available for a consultation at whichever clinic is most convenient for you – please call 0203 733 2069 for an appointment to discuss your breast reduction requirements.