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Dan offers gynaecomastia treatment – or male breast removal surgery – from various London locations, including his clinic on Harley Street, and is completely dedicated to your care, comfort and satisfaction at all times.

You can arrange a consultation with Mr Marsh at any of his surgeries by calling 0203 733 2069 or for more information about the causes and treatment of gynaecomastia, please read on...

Gynaecomastia causes

Too much breast tissue in men is commonly referred to as ‘man boobs’, which in itself leaves no surprise as to why it can be such a distressing condition. If you’re effected by gynaecomastia (its medical name), then please take comfort from the knowledge that you’re not alone – up to 30% of men are also in the same frustrating position.

Unfortunately, many patients are unable to identify the precise cause of their breast enlargement, although it’s fairly common in teenage boys as they go through puberty, and it’s thought that an imbalance between testosterone and oestrogen hormones is often the underlying cause.
Gynaecomastia can also sometimes be caused by:

  • Weight gain or extreme weight loss
  • Ageing
  • Some medicines or drug use
  • Diseases including some forms of cancer

Gynaecomastia treatment

The type of male breast removal surgery required depends on the individual.Some patients simply need treatment to remove the excess fatty tissue that has built up in the area, while other more pronounced cases may also need some excess skin removing along with the fat to ensure a good result.
During your consultation with Mr Marsh, he’ll work with you to try and identify the cause of your condition and assess your physique and overall health in order to ascertain the best type of gynaecomastia treatment – which will be one of the following, or perhaps a combination of both:
The liposuction procedure involves the removal of the fat by using a cannula and suction, while the direct excision is carried out through a small incision underneath the nipple.

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