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Dan Marsh is a highly qualified and well respected cosmetic surgeon offering a wide range of procedures, including the surgical neck lift – Harley Street is home to one of Dan’s main clinics, but for patients’ convenience, he also operates from additional London and Hertfordshire locations.

Unfortunately, however young we feel inside, our bodies often have different ideas... and the neck is one of the first places where many people show signs of ageing. This can be difficult to accept, but over time skin naturally loses its elasticity – and not just from age either, this can also be a by-product of weight loss, sun exposure and other health factors.

Whatever the reason for wanting a neck lift, Dan will take the time to listen to your concerns and requirements, offering his honest advice about the best form of surgery or treatment for your needs. If you’d like to book a consultation for neck lift surgery in London with Dan, please call 0203 733 2069.

Neck lift surgery – or platysmaplasty

Although most commonly performed as part of a facelift, some patients feel that their ‘problem’ area is the neck, so request this surgery in isolation, in order to rejuvenate the neck area only.

An isolated neck lift is most suitable for patients who:

  • Have good skin quality
  • Don’t have too much excess skin below the jaw line
  • Prefer not to have a full facelift

Neck lift surgery can address several aesthetic issues:

  • Remove sagging skin and muscle in the midline
  • Remove any vertical bands in the neck
  • Redefine the jaw line

What does a neck lift involve?

Neck lift surgery typically involves a small incision below the chin, which allows access to the platysma muscle – the thin sheet of muscle just under the skin that lies across the whole of the front of the neck. Through this incision, any excess fat above and below the platysma muscle can be removed, helping to smooth and redefine the neck. The platysma muscle is then tightened in the midline and any prominent bands divided.

Next, through a small incision hidden behind each ear, the lateral platysma is accessed, released and re-tensioned to restore a youthful looking jaw line.

Mr Marsh's pre and post op neck lift photos

Book your consultation for neck lift surgery, London area

Dan offers consultations across several clinics for patients requesting neck lift surgery - Harley Street, Harrow, Enfield and the Royal Free Hospital – please just call 0203 733 2069 to make an appointment, and he’ll be delighted to help you.