Skin cancer specialist London, Harley Street

In addition to the many cosmetic surgery procedures Dan offers, he also has a strong reputation for his work as a skin cancer specialist.

Dan applies the principles of plastic surgery to provide optimal aesthetic outcomes after the surgical treatment of skin cancers. He works closely with leading London dermatologists and is a lead member of the skin cancer multidisciplinary team.

With over ten years’ experience in London and the South East, Dan holds a substantive NHS appointment at Royal Free London NHS Trust and North West London NHS Trust and is known for his friendly and knowledgeable approach.

Dan has over 30 publications in peer reviewed journals and now leads a research team at University College London looking at using hyperthermia to treat advanced skin cancers.

To find out more call Dan on 0203 733 2069.

Types of plastic surgery for skin cancer

The most common types of skin cancer include:

Basal cell carcinoma
Squamous cell carcinoma

Often after a biopsy has been performed and cancer identified as present, patients require further operations to remove all affected cells.
For smaller areas, the wound can be repaired with stitches alone, but for larger areas, plastic surgery may be required to fix the gap left by the removed skin. This is done by using either of both of the following methods:

• Skin grafting – a thin sheet of skin will be taken from an inconspicuous area of your body and grafted onto the cancer site to fill and cover the excision area.

• Skin flaps – this is a more specialist type of plastic surgery for skin cancer and uses local skin and tissue adjacent to the wound, which is lifted and rotated into the defect where the skin cancer was removed. If appropriate, this technique gives an excellent colour match and minimises the signs of surgery.

As a skin cancer specialist, Mr Marsh has carried out thousands of plastic surgery procedures to help minimise the physical and emotional effects of skin cancer. He works with care and precision to ensure the most natural looking results and is always happy to talk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

To book your appointment with Dan at any of his London specialist skin cancer clinics, and to discuss the best form of plastic surgery for your skin cancer removal, call 0203 733 2069.