Facial rejuvenation through SMAS Facelift, London

If you’re looking for an experienced facial rejuvenation surgeon for a safe and professional facelift, London based Dan Marsh offers the highest standards of patient care, from locations including Harley Street and the Royal Free Hospital.

The gold standard for facial rejuvenation is the surgical facelift, of which there are many variations. Deciding on the appropriate type of facelift is an important decision, so during your consultation, Dan will take time to listen to exactly what you hope to achieve through surgery.

Once your objectives are understood, Dan will offer his advice on the most suitable treatment – his transparent approach also means that if he doesn’t feel surgery will give you the desired results, he’ll be completely honest with you.

Understanding facelift surgery

There’s no such thing as a ‘standard’ facelift, as every face is different and each patient requires a tailored approach developed through a careful assessment of their individual anatomy.

If you’ve previously had facelift surgery or non-surgical treatments, it’s essential that you disclose this to Dan at the outset, as it can affect the surgical planning and the ultimate result – so please tell him everything, however small it seems!
When considering a facelift, it’s important to think about the layers of the face, and exactly which part of the face you are hoping to improve. Among the types of facelift other practitioners may offer are:
  • Minimally invasive facelifts
  • Thread lifts
  • Single stitch facelifts
  • Non surgical facelifts

Typically, these techniques are really only suitable for young patients with good skin quality, who may not actually need anything doing at all. Crucially, these methods simply don’t provide a long-lasting result, and certainly don’t remove any excess skin that may be present.

The SMAS facelift

As we age, our facial tissues stretch, and the supporting tissues under the skin are unable to keep our facial tissues suspended in the same position as when we were younger.

A surgical facelift, or SMAS facelift, offers great results through its dual approach of:
  • Re-suspending the facial tissues by tightening the tissues beneath the skin (SMAS layer)
  • Removing the excess skin which has occurred as the tissues have stretched over time

Whilst it’s true that some skin will retract with time in younger patients, usually in patients requesting facial rejuvenation, the skin has lost its ability to retract and needs to be excised.

In order to access the supporting tissues below the skin, during an SMAS facelift an incision needs to be made which begins in the hairline above the ear, continues in the crease in front of the ear, around the ear lobe and finishes in the hairline behind the ear.

Through this incision, Dan can remove any excess fat, tighten the supporting SMAS layer and finally excise any skin excess. Depending on each patient's anatomy, this incision can also be used to tighten the supporting muscle layer in the neck, restoring a youthful appearance to this area too.

Book a consultation for your facelift – London or Hertfordshire

If you’d like to arrange a consultation to discuss facelift surgery with Dan, please call 0203 733 2069 for an appointment at any of his clinics – you may also want to take a look at the BAAPS patient information for further information.